Tuesday, 15 August 2017

another star

Today in Italy is the day called "Ferragosto" (follow the link in wikipedia, it is also a Catholic feast day. But I'm a hopeless romantic and my favourite day in August is the night of San Lorenzo, the night of the shooting stars, on the 10th, when you make a wish for each falling star that you get to spot in the sky. With stars in mind, I've been playing with DMC yellow and Lizbeth "vineyard harvest" size 80.

I've tatted the "tuft picot" with the Lizbeth thread, I think it changes shape with size 80 thread, it looks "fluffy. Pattern is original.

In that motif I've also used a join that I don't often use, the OTT (Over The Top join) by Jane Eborall, that you can find explained here:

☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ Buon Ferragosto! ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆
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Tuesday, 8 August 2017

video posted: tatting the tuft picot

Thank you for all your kind comments in last post.
I put a video in YouTube to show how I'm tatting this tuft picot.

Here it is the video:

In comments, Stephanie suggested "picots separated only by half stitches for the 'tuft' part of the ring", I think that is a similar technique but a little different in the final result. I found that this has been described as the "Mrs Mee picot", by Martha Ess here: "2 second part half stitches with a picot in between"
 ( )
Please tell me if you think that I'm wrong.
In next picture: "Mrs Mee picots" tatted with the gauge vertically above the core thread (I like the name, I don't think it is cumbersome 😊), normal picots and tuft picots  ("shs" means "second half stitch").

Those in the next picture are different alternatives, where the same "base ring" has been used to show tuft picots done with sets of second half stitches, first half stitches and normal double stitches (but tatted with the gauge vertically under the core thread). The tuft picot can be tatted in any place of the ring and on a chain, too.

I started playing with the tuft early this year - could it be February? - then I forgot it and in April I found it in my notebook and I thought "why not, let's sharing that with Muskaan..." (
She helped me a lot to understand possible uses for this "tuft picot" and she is always very supportive, I'm very grateful and blessed to have such friend.

The next are some suggestions I like that came from Muskaan:

1. for hair, ears, feathers, wings, bushy tail, etc. in fauna (animals, birds, butterflies, insects, ....)
2. for flowers - inside as centre , or on outer petals.
3. Fur & Grass – think of closely tatted chains with tufts – could they look like a furry creature or like layers of grass or foliage ?
4. use one of them for joining the next round – this way you will get a tuft on either side of the element.
5. That can be used as "fillers" to create dense areas in the lace.

I was still thinking what to do with the tuft, when, just minutes after watching my video, Muskaan sent me a picture showing me what she had tatted quickly! Someone would have said: "Great Scott!"

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Tuesday, 1 August 2017

having a tuft on the ring

This little motif has been tatted with an idea in mind, that is trying to use an effect I discovered some months ago while playing with picots. Thread is DMC size 80. I love the little star that the bare thread makes in the centre. I'd like adding antennas to the tip so those can resemble butterflies, so maybe I can rework this pattern again.

The blu&white motif is showed the back side. Pattern is my original, but - as usual - if by chance it is like another one already seen, please tell me.

The "tuft" on the ring is tatted with only one shuttle, formed by the same thread wrapped around the hand and I admit I used a gauge, but now I'd like playing a little... as a joke.

Do you guess how it is tatted? I'm listening...


Tuesday, 25 July 2017


You will never see me cooking for more than half an hour, I like pasta, bread and salad, fast easy and delicious! We're having a lot of salad, mixed and fresh, I love that in this period of the year the market is full of vegetables! Stalls are a rainbow of colours!

About trimmings, I like the fact that in Italian we call  "contorno" everything that is trimmings, food accompaniments. But we also call "contorno" an edging when it goes around a fabric (different from "passamaneria"), in my mind I visualise it as in a circle as around a dish, or, in a figurative sense for example, we say that hair are "contorno del viso" like embellishment of the face. I learned that also the word trimmings has the double meaning, for edging and food. Good to know 😄

About tatting, I picked again the ecrù (that is size 80, DMC), I'm having difficulties with colours (especially red thread) and then I go, to the more relaxing hue, like that one in the fan (see last post).
That one in the picture is from a pattern found in Priscilla #2, fig.13, trimming. I've changed it because I didn't like my first try, it was twisty that is chains didn't follow a plain path, even working with 2 shuttles. I thought that I should have came back to the shuttle and the ball because of the vintage pattern (1915), but strictly following the pattern I didn't like my tatting. In the same old book there's other patterns with the Victorian stitches sets, so I changed all normal chains with that kind of chain and I like it more. Then I cut away a repetition and it lay quite flat, except the first module that was tatted when I was still following the number of repetitions indicated.

What I will do with it it's not clear, even to me, yet. It's just the heat, though.

Lately I 've got back to the Bosa's filèt. I hope to finish it before the summer. (See the frame with my WIP here: spare wheels )

I've bought the book "Tatting Patterns and Designs" by Gun Blomqvist, a reprint issue, original was from 1988 but there are many 'vintage-style' patterns. I like it and probably I'll tat something from that soon.

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Tuesday, 18 July 2017

frilly fan

Pattern is n.39 in "A Tatter's Workbook", author unknown. I've added another round, just rings and chains.

Thank you for your nice comments, of course Martha ( Martha's Tatting Blog ) guessed right! 😍

And - as promised - this is the backside of the tag for the hand dyed thread: by Tatskool. This is a gift from Fox, I had saved it for something special. Thank you dear Fox!

I've started another edging, this time pattern is from Priscilla #2, fig.13. I've changed it a little and will show you next week.
I've tatted during the way to and back Genova, where I went last weekend with my family for a short holiday. I met my dear friend Maria who lives there, she spoiled me with gifts: many spools of metallic thread and some 5gr. little and old white DMC n.70 balls (no more in production, now white n.70 is only sold as 20gr balls) and then she also gave me an absolutely lovely silver 925 pendant, handicraft from Campoligure. I've already got another old one, and you can see both in next picture, the old one is in the foreground:

Genova is a beautiful city, it is well worth a visit for more than one weekend, even it is a bit far from the usual trip proposed to tourists (you know, Rome, Florence, Venice, Naples...). We've had three nice days with Maria and her husband and enjoyed every minute. In the next short video (3 seconds!) there's the fountain in Piazza de Ferrari:(video deleted, it doesn't work)

Piazza de Ferrari
via XX Settembre
Christopher Columbus House

tatting? LOL
In Palazzo Bianco there's a room with old lace (but no tatting), there were also needle lace pieces (Alencon) that called to my mind the tatting examples on the tulle that are in the booklet "Tatting" by Th. de Dillmont:

I'd have liked buying a catalogue of an exhibition held in 2006, "Gioielli di filo", but unfortunately it seems very hard to find. ( )

Genova is about 5 hours by train from Rome. But we were unlucky in the way back home, there was a big fire just an hour north Rome and the train stopped for hours (we started from Genova at midday), then at 6pm they moved hundreds of passengers in another train and left everybody in a small seaside town, then finally everything solved at 11pm and we could go to Rome, arriving at 1am and a couple of hours later we managed to be at home. Crazy night. Talking about fires, this is the worst summer I can remember. I'm really disheartened for they suspect arson as the probable cause, for almost all of them. Sigh.

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Thank you very much for all your nice comments.