Tuesday, 25 April 2017

a fair exchange

Someone could possibly remember those simple necklaces that I made in 2012, there's a photo in Flickr:

simple necklaces

Stitches' numbers are in the next photo:
simple necklaces' patterns

And the tutorial to tat the simple flower around the metallic ring is here:

tutorial easy flower

Well, now it happened that one of these and the "fragile and plasticky" earrings , both went to a talented friend. As an exchange, she's given me a lovely front door welcome, that is an heart decorated with flowers and strawberries (I forgot to take a photo), and a little yellow frame with tiny pots and plants made with a ceramic paste (don't ask me what it is, I have no idea!). She has learned how to tat, but she loves making many different crafts. The yellow frame is now hanging in my kitchen:

Lately I've tatted some black earrings in a very thick polyester thread, in fact another friend asked for a simple black look and I tested many different patterns, something old and some else made up, the last one is this version:

I think it would be better with colored beads, but in Italian we say "il mondo è bello perchè è vario" (I found that it is similar to "it takes all kinds to make a world"), thanks God we all have different taste.
The next is a pair of earring that I like, the center is from a pattern called "seahorse" from the book "Tatted patters" by Mary Konior. That's a lovely book, many taking tatting motifs, edging (with corners, for those who wonder), braids and little doilies. I wish I could tat everything!

I didn't follow a pattern for the outer round, but luckily I had written it down to tat the second one.
Threads are dmc moulinè 100% polyester E168 and E436, same thread used in the earrings that I showed in a previous post (medallions) and I'm wearing them in this moment.

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Monday, 17 April 2017

Testing a mobile app for blogging


(App is "Bloggeroid")
Update: posts can be published as draft and loaded again later. 

Tuesday, 11 April 2017


Pattern is from an old Italian pubblication, "Nuovo manuale elementare dei lavori delle dame secondo le più recenti variazioni della moda", 1868. It is free in Google books.

It's highly precise, unusual indeed for that period. They gave also the right measure for bare threads and picots!
The same rosette is in the "Beeton's Book of Needlework"(1870), fig.12 -"circle in tatting", and there are others patterns in common. It is interesting that the shuttle showed in the Italian version is a flat shuttle.


Tuesday, 4 April 2017


I'd rather say myself be inattentive, since I've had the book for about one year and didn't noticed the medallion in figure 66, Plate VII, from the book "Tatting: Technique and History by Elgiva Nicholls". I found this link, I hope you can open it (scroll pages down a little):

But in the last OTC, Sue mentioned that book and -as always- she has that great talent to push me to look at old things with new eyes. I played with it, at first I replicated the medallion, then combined it with another pattern, that is the triangle in fig.23 from Tatting by Thérèse de Dillmont, available at - (I'm glad that I wrote this link in a previous post, as I've been getting mad to find it again!). That triangle is the base for a lovely bookmark, tatted by Robin, showed in her blog here:

So, that's how I came to this pair of earrings:

Talking about medallions, I've been busy sewing booties with a pattern a friend gave me, from an old italian printed magazine, but it looked naked so I'm going to add the wheels left over from previous project. It's not yet finished and sorry that the photo is not the best, white on white doesn't show at all.

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Friday, 24 March 2017


Not much to show you from the last days, I've been on the edgings for the hanky and for the rings' pillow (both finished) and I did a few more, something with bugle beads, testing a prototype for another edging, 5 and half rounds of Renulek's doily. Two weeks ago there was an exhibition of old laces here, organized by the local association, we had a lot of fun and learned too, about the history of lace in Italy. I've also been fiddling around without the shuttle! That's the good effect of the warm weather! I've also cleaned up the balcony and repot geranium, last year I had a colony of "Licenide" that it is a little beautiful butterfly but its caterpillar lives inside geranium's stem, I hope this year they will choose another balcony for their holiday resort.
Sorry, I digressed.
That is the rings' pillow, that I call finished as it is, I'll tack it in a piece of fabric and wash it, then it will be ready to be put away, I hope it will be used one day.

Then here it is the almost finished hanky, only one corner has still to be attached to the fabric:
 Oh, don't think that it's for blowing the nose!

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